• November 2016

    Monday, November 21, 2016

    Good evening!

    This past week, I had extra time on my hands to paint, so, this was the result! I've wanted to paint this scene since the summer. My husband and I were driving to Prince Edward Island (or as Maritimers call it, the Island) and the sun was setting. The sky was an amazing shade of red and the stars were starting to show. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I've seen and I wanted to capture it in a painting. I delayed posting this blog since I wanted to show the finished piece to my husband first.

    I don't really have room on a normal day for my paint stuff in our tiny place but since it's all out, I'm hoping to share another painting I've started this weekend. I'm enjoying being out of my creative block. I may have had too many projects I wanted to create on the back burner. Getting those done may have cleared out the cob webs from my brain.

    The song of choice for this week is Phantogram's You're Mine. I've been listening to Phantogram for a while now. I can't help but dance in my chair when most of their songs play.


    Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    Hello! How are you all?

    It’s been a year since my last blog entry. Within the last year, I got engaged, I started working at a new full time place and I am now married. The panning and everything is now out of the way and I have more time on my hands to do fun stuff. For me, that means I can blog again.

    I can’t ignore how much it was an odd day today - things are going to be interesting down south for the next four years. That’s all I can comment without getting too involved. I’m going to say - I will be paying attention on how things go in the new year.

    This image I drew is not in relation to last night’s shenanigans. My husband and I took a week after our wedding to Kejimkujik as we usually do during the summer but this time I brought my pencils, watercolours and markers. Though the black did seep into my watercolours, I like the effect that happened.

    So, in light of the changes going on, I thought the song Spirit by Wintersleep seemed fitting for the song of the week.

    If you are in Canada, take time on the Remembrance Day the 11th to remember those that fought for us and still are even if you don’t agree with it. I think that those brave soldiers deserve respect for what they are and have done for us.

    Until next week,



  • December 2016

    Friday, December 2, 2016

    Entry 3

    Good evening. This marks day 21 of the quest for the ever elusive Nintendo Classic Mini System. I am saddened to say my search is over but not because I have achieved anything - more that I have realized the mission cannot be fulfilled… Until after Christmas... Maybe.

    The journey started with going to the closest store on November 12th at 8am. To my chagrin, they sold out in the small town in mere minutes. Before venturing to said location, my partner and I checked the inter webs and they had informed us they were still there - not knowing they had sold out 20 minutes from that time.

    Since then, I have scoured store site upon store site and realized it’s not going to happen. Some places have told my comrade that they don’t even know if they will receive any shipments ever. I have been given the same story from other shops.

    Last week, after calling various spots for Black Friday, seeing if they may have received any packages of the game system, it was apparent my request for the product on Christmas was not going to be a possibility. I have informed my spouse that I have let go of the hope and I am willing to accept any piece of jewelry to be a substitute for the holiday celebrations.

    I think he is ok with the substitution - he usually picks out good choices, and I don't tend to enjoy wearing large bling.

    Once I resigned the idea of playing the system on Christmas day, and instead I may be stylin’ in my pyjamas that morning, I accepted it. I am a huge nerd that still has the original Game Boy that is in pristine condition and still play with it. I am not a 10 year old kid and my life will go on without the system - if they never sell again, I have some pretty awesome digital toys. I agree with many retailers though, Nintendo dropped the ball on this one.

    For song of the week, I'll go with one of my favorites for the festive season, Happy Holidays, by Bill Crosby, the Beef Wellington Remix.

    - Sylvie

  • January 2017

    Monday, January 23, 2017

    Good evening everyone!

    I have a good deal of art supplies and I do my best to not waste them. I have bouts of various crafty stuff I like to try out and this week's image is one of them.

    I have two chalk boards at home and one of them needs to get re-painted so I don't use that one too much. This one was from my wedding this past summer. I hadn't used it since until now. I'm not sure where it'll go when we have a bigger space than what we have but I hope it'll get well used.

    The song of the week this time around is a few years old, Metronomy's Resevoir for the simple reason that I like it.

    I hope you have a lovely week!


    Monday, January 16, 2017

    I'll be back next week with a drawing. It's taking longer than expected to finish the one I am currently working on. Here's another picture from my Christmas trip over in Nantucket in the meantime.

    Until next week!

    - Sylvie

    Monday, January 9, 2017

    Good evening!

    I hope your holiday season went well! Mine was different than usual - I went to Nantucket! It is so nice there - such a different place. My time there reminded me of Fall L.L.Bean catalogs I used to look at all the time in the ’90s. Beautiful untreated wooden shingles cover nearly every house. The biggest rush hour during winter is 4 cars driving along in a row. I’ve heard summer on Nantucket is completely different. I hope to see it sometime in the future.

    So, since this is my first post in the new year, I’ll share my new year’s resolution. I’d say it’s more New Year’s goals.

    1. Draw every day. So far, I have only missed a day. I think I’ll keep a sketchbook near my kitchen table to draw while I finish my breakfast and tea.

    2. Take a picture of every day. I’ve missed Tuesday. My guess I’ll probably miss about 10 days in total - as long as I do my best, that would be great. It doesn’t have to be with my DSLR, and not always of the same thing which will be difficult but neat to look at in December. I’m not planning to post them on social media since some of them will be kind of boring. I predict many will be of pictures of me and my husband or my friends and me in front of movie posters. I keep forgetting to take pictures with my friends doing things but I believe I'll get better as the year progresses.

    3. Post on this website once a week. Probably on Mondays for now. They will be a mix of photography and illustrations as it used to be on past versions of my site. I bought a new lens for my camera (my last one broke thus I haven’t been taking pictures for a while) which will make for better quality imagery.

    That’s all of them! I don’t give up vices, or else it would bring on extra guilt and stress that I dislike. Life’s too short to stress on unnecessary stuff. Everything with moderation.

    The song of the week: Zeus' Vasoline for the simple fact that it's a older song with a newer twist.

    - Sylvie

  • February 2017

    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Ah February. Another month, another... resolution broken perhaps?

    Every year, it's the same. I make a few goals, I keep a few, loose a few. The picture a day with a highlight? Easier said than done. I've been doing a bunch... But I find it hard to simply take a picture of a certain moment. I like living moments, so I don't always want it captured in a picture if that makes sense. The picture project was supposed to give me a summary of my year in an album on New Year's 2018. I think I'll still try, but it might be my highlight of a few days at a time.

    That's the thing about resolutions. I think people put too much pressure on them, so it gets lost in the shuffle. It shouldn't be about "I'll go to the gym every day!" more like, "I should make small changes that will make things better long term." Easier said than done it seems, for that statement too.

    The song of the week is something energetic yet chill if that is possible. Peacetime Resistance, Kings of Convenience. There's so much pressure all around us, we all need time to enjoy what we have and have fun with it.


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